Friday, May 15, 2015

Lets be relevant, for once

Lets get those pageviews, yo.
Well, if it did not take me so long to figure out how to get my feelings down on digital ink...

Here are some of my thoughts on Avengers: Age of Ultron

I just saw it tonight.  Yes, I am aware it is Monday.  (I watched this on the 3rd, two days after the premier, took me awhile to actually get this review written.) Yes, I am aware that it came out on Thursday at midnight.  No, you cannot have my nerd card.  I will prove my worthiness to keep it by complaining about a comic book movie.  Online even....

Getting Ready

To prepare myself, I did not watch any of the many trailers and ads that were posted in the past few months leading up to the release.  I saw the first one, and that was enough to sell me on it.  I feel that trailers lately have been spoiling too much about a movie.  I wanted to go into this movie as blind as I could, so I could be surprised.  Well, as surprised as I could be, being on the internet all day, everyday, I have already been spoiled on the storyline.
I watched the first one over the weekend.  Wow, I have seen it many times, but it still blows me away.  It is so good.  This time I also noticed some of the foreshadowing and how they subtly set up the next few movies with little dialogue between the characters.  They totally set up The Winter Soldier when Tony Stark remarks to Steve Rogers that there is a lot that Shield does not tell him.  And we see some glimpses and small references to phase 2, the super weapon that can kill everyone in Cap 2.
The first Avengers is still in my top 5.  It is one of those movies that if I walk in and it is playing, I will usually stop what I was doing, and start watching it.  I can watch it over and over again.  So, going into this, I am already pretty hyped, even without seeing all the trailers.  Avengers 2 has a lot to live up to.  Does it even have a chance?

My Body is ready 

Okay, Short answer.  It’s good.  It is better than the first one.  Which is something that I did not think could happen.  If you are waiting to see it because you are worried that it might not be good, just go.  Just go, and have fun.  Stop reading and just go.
Oh, you are still here?  You need more?
Now, I only saw it last night, so I am still in the afterglow of how awesome it was to really give any criticisms of it yet.  The same thing happened with I watched the first one.  It was not till a few weeks later when I saw it on Blu-ray that I started to notice things that were wrong with the movie.  So, I will post my problems later.  I only have love for this movie now.  It seriously is in my top 5 of all time.
I am going to try to not spoil any of the big pay off moments for you.  For these big movies that I know I am for sure going to see, I try not to see any of the trailers or read anything online about what the nerds think will happen.  I feel that I have a better experience if I go into it dark, and then join the online conversation later.  Trailers just reveal too much now.  I understand why hollywood feels the need to do this.  They need to get the people that either do not know what this movie is going to be about or need a bigger reason than the fact the name of the movie is Avengers 2. Listen here fans, stop complaining about the trailers spoiling the story for you.  The trailers are not for you, they are for your mom.
I am trying to stay in the dark about the new Star Wars movie that comes out in December.  I dont know if I will be able to succeed

Since this is the first review on my blog, I feel the need to explain how I determine if a movie is good or not.  I am not one of those people that try to find things that are wrong with the movie.  I love movies.  It takes a lot to make me not like a movie.  I like to get lost in the story and the visuals.  If you can do that, you succeed.  Usually once I decide that I want to see a movie, I will like it, unless it really sucks.

Right now, I cannot find anything wrong with the movie.  I think it is great.  In a few days, as I think about it, and read more about it online, I may find some things that annoy me.  In a few weeks, I will probably figure out some plot holes that do not make sense.  Then, I will watch it at home, and fall in love with it even more.  This is the pattern that I took with the first Avengers.  I am pretty sure that the same thing will happen here


I give Avengers: Age of Ultron a rating of: Why are you still reading this.  If you have not already seen this, go see it now.  Then see it again to see the parts you missed.  Then buy it when it eventually comes out on Blu-ray, with a special edition extended cut.  Oh you know they are going to have deleted scenes.

I want to share a few of my favorite parts, but I also do not want to spoil the movie as well.  If you have not seen the Movie yet, DO NOT READ FURTHER, SPOILER CITY AHEAD, exit now!!!  I will say though, be ready to like Hawkeye, if you did not already, they make him cool in this one.


Favorite Parts

My absolute favorite is definitely when Hawk-Eye and Quicksilver are on the floating city fighting off the Ultron Minions. When finished, Quicksilver leaves running with a witty comment along the lines of "come on, old man".
Hawk-Eye aims his next arrow towards the long-gone Quicksilver and mutters to himself out loud:
" i could shoot him right now and no one would know. If they miss him and ask, I would just say, oh, last time I saw him, Ultron was sitting on him.  oh, i will miss him, the speedy bastard"

Here are some more general things I loved, and quotes.  If you have seen the movie, You know what I am talking about.
- Hulkbuster!!!

- The Vision!!!
And that moment.  You know that moment that I am talking about.  When that happened in my theater, everyone was like, Wha??? Holy Shi…!!!

- "Good talk."  "No it wasn't."

- "Unfortunately, he's still Barton".  "That's horrible."

- Please be a secret door, please be a secret door…

And so many more, I need to go see again to catch it all.


I don’t really have any problems with Avengers : Age of Ultron.  Yes there are some plot holes, and some things that I have now had to look up to figure out what is going on.  But I would not call them problems, but small quirks.  I am going to let them pass.  There is more great things to love than bad things to complain about.  It is true if these same problems came up in another movie, I would not give them a pass, but this is the Avengers and Joss Whedon.  They can do no wrong.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Furious 7 - Or, Bro, do you even Plot?

     Before I get too far.  I DID like this movie.  Not love, but really liked it.  If you liked the past….6, then you really do not even need to continue reading.  You have already seen it.  You have already got “sand” in your eye at the end of the movie, you big man machine that you are.  This movie is fun, as long as you turn off your brain.  The part of your brain that knows about logic, proper plot, and physics.

We are going to spoil some of the...cough, plot.  Which is okay.  You have already watched it, or weren’t going to anyway.

Are you ready, BRO.  Track Day, BRO!!!  BRO!!!!

     I was not ready for this movie.  I came to the theater with all my mental faculties fully functional.  This is not what one does when you go to this, the 7th movie in the Car movie franchise that turned into what the Expendables wanted to be.  It took me a long time to get into this movie.  Usually it does not take me too long to get into movies.  As I have said before, I like movies.  I like to be transported to another world, a different life.  Which makes it hard for me to objective about movies.  It either takes me to another place, or it does not.  This one does not.
     A few things that prevented me from totally getting into the movie at the first.  First, the gratuitous panty and boob shots were distracting. Yes, I realize what I just said.  I barely believe it myself.  And I know that they are suppose to be distracting.  But, I don’t know, but in other movies, it feels like they do it with a bit more finesse.  Not too much, and not too little.  Just enough to make the 12 year olds happy.  It is almost like there are two versions of this film.  We get to see the one where the studio heads said mo’ ass.  Less story.  Like, what the hell was the point of the slow-mo of who ever Ramsey is getting out of the water?  If you watched it, you know what I am talking about.  It was like the movie makers let your creepy uncle do the editing.  I want to see the version that Uncle Rekow didn’t touch.
     Why is Rock always sweaty?  When we first see him in this movie, he is in a air-conditioned office.  Yet, the front of his 2 sizes too small under-armor shirt is wet as if he just finished a wicked workout.  What is wrong with him?  But I guess that is one of the hallmarks of this franchise, sweaty dudes.  I just watched the first one, and everyone is so sweaty.  The Rock just wanted to fit in.

     And….Car Parachute Physics.  Now this scene could have been really cool.  But again, I was taken out of it.  And no, you can’t make the physics work just because you said the GPS magic computer makes it work, Letty.  No, exposition is not going to save you this time.  I am not sure that if you drop a few cars from a plane, that they would not just spin out of contol.  No in this movie you have our heroes turning the steering wheels, as if that will steer the car like a plane.  Then they pull the parachutes that are no bigger than the ones that they used in WW2 and all safely make it exactly where the plot needs us to be.  And then, ha, and then we have one of the comedic relief characters be the only ones that does not land right.  And just at the last moment, come out of nowhere and save the day.  Which leads me to my biggest problem with the Movie.

Deus ex machina

     Don’t feel bad if you do not know what that phrase means.  The makers of Furious 7 don’t either, let alone pronounce it correctly
The term has evolved to mean a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved by the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability or object. Depending on how it is done, it can be intended to move the story forward when the writer has "painted himself into a corner" and sees no other way out, to surprise the audience, to bring the tale to a happy ending, or as a comedic device
Even if you do not know what this means fully, you have seen it.  And if you see it, it is a rare sight.  It is regarded as a mark of a lazy, sub-par writer.  It is okay to use this plot device every once and awhile.  The most abrupt one of recent memory is the Eagles saving Frodo and Sam at the end of The Return of the King.  This is the word that keep on circling in my mind as I watched this movie.  Deus ex machina, Deus ex machina, Deus ex machina…...
     Our heroes are always getting saved at the last moment by one of our other heroes.  Luck and coincidence seem to always be in our hero’s favor.  Hey, I have a fun drinking game for you all.  Take a shot every time you witness a Deus ex machina.  You will die by the end of the Movie.

Turn off your Brain

You want to enjoy this movie?  You have to turn off your brain.  Completely.  You have to prepare yourself.  Spend the whole day before you come to the theater watching day time reality tv, down 4 red-bulls, gather your most bros of BROS, and go have yourself a good time.  I tried.  I tried, just could not turn of enough parts of my working brain to get sucked in.  I hope you fare better.


Okay, I just re-read this review, and it is super negative.  I did like this movie.  Here is a few things I really liked.
I liked the scene where Brian and Mia were on the phone saying their "goodbyes".  I thought that they did that scene really well. The very last scene, many people loved it, crying even.  I did not feel it as much.  It felt forced.  But it is better than I thought they would do.
I like the off the wall craziness that movie series has.  That is why I keep on coming back, and have watched all of them many time.
One last gripe, because I cannot help myself.
Have a look at this pic.

This is what the crew shows up in when they arrive in Abu Dhabi.  We have a McLaren, A Ferrari 358 Italia, Don't know what the black car is.  And the last car is a Bugatti Veyron, an $1 million car.  And what do we have leading the pack?  What awesome car did the leader pick?  A 2015 Dodge Charger.  Stock.  No, it is not the new Hellcat, which boasts around 900hp.  Just Vanilla right off the lot Charger.  This is one of the many examples of how this movie kept on making decisions that would take me out of it, and into my head.  I spent the next 5 min after seeing this line-up trying to figure out why Dom would choose the this car, knowing it would look silly parked next to these masterpieces.


I give this Movie a rating of:  Tuesday Redbox Rental, while you look at stuff on your iPad.  Unless you are a super-fan, then you already know what you think.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Thoughts on the new Batman V Superman Trailer

Before we go any further, you need to watch this trailer if you have not already yet. Don't complain, just be cool man....

Okay, now we can talk. This has been very interesting to watch on the Internet all the different reactions to this trailer. Usually you when you show a trailer, you get one of two responses.
1.) Variations on "Duuuuude!!!!" "Whoah Duuuuude!!" or "Meh, it looks good." or a shrug of the shoulders, and then a nod of approval.
2.) "That will suck" "meh" or no reaction at all.

With this trailer though, we have a few more reactions, in addition to those. It has sparked an online debate. Not a debate on what the story is going to be about. But whether it is going to suck or not. The places of debate for this movie has turned into a hostile place. This is nerd fandom at it's worst. Us nerds (I have been guilty of this at times as well.) need to all settle down. We need to sit down and realize how great we have it. We are actually getting a Batman vs Superman Movie. What is not to love about that. Fans of both should be super excited. I talk more about nerd culture problems here (insert link when make the post)

Well, um, Actually...

The Nerds, oh the nerds found the internet, and they are not happy again about something.

I really would not have a problem with most debates like this, but there is one complaint that dominates the conversation.


Yes, that was my first reaction too. But it seems that is as far as the thinking has gone.
Lets pick this apart. I do admit, Affleck has not been my favorite person in the last few years. He has made an ass of himself in the media, made some horrible movies in the past few years. I think what most people are worried about is that we will see a repeat performance from him like The Daredevil

But if you look at what he has produced in the last few years, I think we don't need to worry. He wrote and directed Argo, He, I think he did a great job in Gone Girl. He is also directing (I think) one of the new DC movies that is coming up. I think we are okay.
Also, think of this, Warner Bros., the company that is making Batman V. Superman. They are putting hundreds of millions into this movie. I imagine that the people that were in charge of the money debated and thought hard about whether or not to hire Ben Affleck to be the new Batman to finally fight Superman. I trust that they saw something we have not seen yet that made them confident in making him the new Dark Knight. Lets just wait, we have only seen less than 2 min of actual footage. Lets not make judgment yet. Or, here is an idea, lets wait till the reviews come from critics and your friends whether or not Batfleck is good or not. This is a good thing to do for all movies. But that would not be any fun, and there would be nothing left to read on the internet if everyone stopped complaining.

But, I thought Batman and Superman was the good guys?

Lets participate in another loved internet pastime. Speculation.
So, why does it look like Batman is looking to go after Supes?
Usually the best way to predict what is going to happen in comic book movies, we look to the comic storylines that they are based on. Taking some clues from the design of the new Batsuit, and even photos of the Batmobile, and reading some of the comments made by the filmmakers. What all of this has lead most people to believe that this movie will follow the story from the Dark Knight Returns, by Frank Miller. You should note that the director, Zack Snyder also directed 300, another movie based on one of Frank Miller's graphic novels.
If we follow the main story points in The Dark Knight Returns, we see an older Batman. A Batman that looks like he is ready to retire. I think we see this in the trailer, when Ben is staring at the Suit. He wants to be done, but something is preventing him from quitting. This is when Superman shows up. It looks like at the end of Man of Steel, Supes is eager to help the humans, and the first people that start asking him for stuff is the Government. Can you imagine the power one government would have if it had Supes on their side? The Government starts to use Superman as it's enforcer. And, what it seems like is the government is not, and has never been too happy with Batman and his brutal vigilate style of justice. They start to use Superman to take out people like that, ones that will not conform. I think this is what is happening in the trailer, The government has asked Batman to stop doing what he does, and he is debating if he wants to continue wearing the mask. But he realizes that even if he wants to be done, he has to stop Superman, because he seems to be controlled by the government and others, and he is not sure if Superman is a good guy. This almost god like being guy shows up and destroys half of the city, Batman believes that Superman might be a bad guy and can turn on us at any moment. But, Spoilers, in the end, right before Batman is about to defeat Superhombre, yes, he wins, he realizes that he is a good guy, just needs some help. And this is what leads to the Justice League....

Annnnnd, now I am tired to typing this, so bye. If you have any questions, and anyone actually reads this, then I might write more.

This pic I think sums it up pretty well

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hello, hellllloo, helllo, hello, hello....

Where have I been?

I have not posted awhile, I know.  I am going to make it a goal to be consistent in my posting.  I am not sure that anyone is ever going to read these, but I need to do it for me.  I need to get some of these ideas, whether they suck or not, out.  I will help me in getting my opinions out, and help me in my argument skills.

A bit of House keeping.  I know that the images on some of the sites are missing.  I do not know what happened there.  I am not sure I am going to fix them anytime soon.  I will get to it later, so, sorry.

So, as a reminder to me, and you of what this blog is about.  This blog is about the random things that I want to post about, nothing too big, links to cool things and pics.  I might turn it into a TL;DR version of some of the coolest and most interesting things on the web, and my life right now, we will see how that goes.
Now, I have another blog, Shower Thoughts, is more of a place to put bigger Ideas.  More political, more physiological, With Topics that are a bit more thought out and hopefully more researched.  Warning, they may not always make total sense.  You can find it in the link to the right.

So, here is to more posts, yay....

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Apple meh Watch

(the pictures are not working right now, I might go back an fix them, maybe)

I am an apple fanboy.  I have alway been Team Apple.  Most of the time I am totally on board what ever they do.  Big iPhone?  Yeah sure, I can see why someone would like that.  Macbook Air, so want one.  Siri on Mac OS X?  Sure, why not, she still is not as cool as we want her to be, but whatever.  Apple Watch?  eh, no.  Apple tends to do release things that you are like, I did not know that I needed this thing, but now I NEED it in my life.  That is what the iPad did for me.  I don’t see this with the Apple Watch, I could be wrong, but even though I did not see the practical reason for a $500 iPad, but I still wanted one.  I have no desire to have an Apple watch.  It is an Apple first.


Still need your phone.

You still need to have your phone on you to make it work.  Well, it will still give you the time with out the phone, but nothing else.  If anything, it is just an extension of your phone screen.  Now when you think about it, this is not a big deal, because we really do not stay way from our phones much anymore, but now we need to carry 2 devices at all times.

One day battery


Yep, one day.  Now, I know what you are going to say, your iPhone only lasts one day.  Yes, that is true, and I am happy that it lasts a day.  It would be nice to last longer, but it is fine.  But I use my phone a lot in a day, so that makes sense.  But we are talking about a watch.  I would expect it to last at least more than one day.  Watches are a thing that you just put on, and don’t think about.  I feel if I have to take it off to charge it everyday, I will forget to put it back on in the morning.  

I have not worn a watch for years, except for church, cuz it looks baller


I have liked watches for a long time, but since I have a iPhone, it does not make much sense to keep one on all the time.  It is not that much of a deal to reach into my pocket to see the time.  Yes it is quicker to just look at my wrist, but not that much, I am used to it.  

1st gen hardware sucks

Even if I was going to get an Apple watch, I would not get the first one.  Do you remember the first gen iPad?  It was awesome, but one year later, with the iPad 2, it just made the first one look like crap.  This is the general rule for apple hardware.  The first version is just a proof of concept.  It just proves to the industry that it will work, and everyone should buy it.  The iPad 2 is still in use, and is still fast enough.  So, if you are going to get one, let the hipsters get the first one, and work out all the out of the gate problems.


And, here is the biggest reason why I am not getting the Apple Watch.  When they announced it, I still was not excited.  We have heard rumors for years that they were going to come out with a watch.  So much so that the other tech companies tried to beat apple to the punch with their own.  And no one wants them.  These watches have the same problems that I listed above, without the added benefit of it having the magic apple logo.  Is that all that is needed, the Apple magic logo on the back to make this a product that the masses will want.  It has happened before.
When they were going to announce the price, I was thinking in my head, if it is $50, ill buy it day one, $100, maybe, even $175 I might have considered it, that is the price of a regular fancy watch.  But $350 for the cheapest?  Nope, nope.  sigh.  I wonder if this is apple going, lets price it high, see if it sells, let the first adopters pay full price.  Then to make sales headlines next year, they release a better cheaper version, and blow everyone away.  That is my hope anyway.  

Now, I know most of my points are not that big of deals.  I know that if I had one, I would like it, and find ways that it makes my life easier.  Just like how I did not know how the iPad would change things.  I did not know why I needed it, I had a phone and a laptop, why do I need a super large phone?  But here is the diffence, , despite that, I still WANTED it, I wanted it to a NEED it now!! level. I just do not feel the same for this product.  I made this list to try to put my finger on exactly why I do not care about this.  This is the first time ever that I did not desire to have an Apple Product day one. Am I too old now.  Do I just not “get it”?

Monday, March 23, 2015

I am a cheap Gamer

I really don't play video games anymore.  Not in the tradional sense.  I watch other people play games on Youtube.  Yep, I don’t play anymore.  I watch.  


Games are Expensive.
I do not have as much money as I used to have to spend on games.  Having kids will do that.  I have only 2 games that I like to play anymore.  I still love Skyrim, 200+ hours in.  And Diablo 3.  That is it.
Side note - The last game that I bought was not worth the money.  Destiny.  I wanted to like this game

Oh, Tried so hard to like this game.  And that is a problem.  You should not have to try to like a game.  It just happens, that is why you play a game, because the fun is built in.  Sometimes the game will trick you, Like World of Warcraft, at first it was fun, but a year or two you realize you just spent the last 2 hours harvesting spider-somethings for part one of a 5 part mission to get a somewhat cool helmet.  The fun is gone.  But WoW was fun, once.  Destiny, is not.  It is like WoW, but with out the ininital fun.  It has it’s moments, but it always pointing to a bigger and better game that never gets there, Broken Promises.  - End Rant

So, yeah, I got burned.  The new games and machines are too much as well.

Also Little one is old enough to know what game controllers do, and wants to touch them.  I even try to give her a one that is unplugged, but she is smart enough to know that it is not doing anything.  So I cannot play with her around.  But I can watch someone else do it on youtube.

And did I mention that games are too expensive?  I cannot afford all the new hotness to make the games look super shiny.  But these you tubers do.  They have super rigs.  

The hard part is finding youtube guys that are not annoying.  A lot of them do that thing that we all do when a camera is pointed at us, and we get all loud and awkward.  “Hia Giys, today we are playing penguins of doom, ha ha, I’m so random, like me….”  But I have found some regular people that I watch, guys that play like how I would play

Julie makes fun of me for this sometimes, but I do not care, but she likes Pinterest and Glee, so...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Can you ruin a Grilled Cheese Sammie?

    I used to think that you could.  I had this debate with Julie recently.  She likes to put lunch meat and miracle whip in hers.  .........hold on a min while I throw up in my mouth a little.

    I once thought grilled cheese is one thing.  Grilled Bread, (whiter the better, you racist) and cheap cheese.  The beauty is in the simplicity of it all.  And it is easy, You have to really suck at making food, I would not call this cooking, it is heating up ingredients and smashing them together.  But then I had a look at this site. I'll wait while you have look at it.  I will just be sitting here looking at something on reddit, or something.

It's like your opinion, man...

     Like, seriously, did you have a look at some of those?  Dat Hotlanta's like a double down, but not sad.

They all look good, in their own I'm a special and unique snowflake kind of way.  So, do whatever you want to do to the Grilled Cheese.  Get dollar store bread and kraft singles and make it on a George Foreman Grill.   Or combine $20 of ingredients onto your unpronounceable organic bread.  You cannot mess up a Grilled Cheese, because it is yours.  Many are like it, but it is yours.  Except for olives.  Don't put olives on it, really, what were you thinking?

Post script, I learned how to class up your grilled pasteurized dairy product sandwich.  Grill it up like usually, but right at the end, sprinkle grated cheese on one side, flip, and let the cheese get brown.  Put grated cheese on other side and flip.  It is amazing.  You are literally grilling the cheese.  Try it, do it.